The Best Water Purifier In India

No one likes wants infected with any form of disease, particularly water-borne. This is because they can be tough to treat, and they are usually avoidable. The use of water purifiers in India has existed for quite some time. It is so much that there are numerous water purifiers available online. Some of these purifiers use the process of Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultrafiltration (UF), Ultraviolet rays (UV) to remove the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and kill bacteria as well as other organisms present in the water.

Some other manufacturers selectively combine these features in a bid to be seen as different from the competition. Some of ours are unique and give the best to the community. However, it can get very confusing when you’re trying to select the perfect water purifier for you and your household. This is the reason we have compiled the best among the numerous list.

This compilation is born from a careful study of the functionality and mode of purification of each purifier. We also consider its durability and capacity as these two features are essential. Lastly, we believe the reviews of those who have used these products and can attest to the fact that it is perfect for use. Follow us as we list six of the best water purifiers in India below;


Kent Grand Plus RO+UF+UV With TDS Controller Water Purifier

Kent Grand Plus is not new in the market; in fact, it is the most preferred when it comes to water purifiers. A lot of Indians prefer Kent Grand for several reasons, including the fact that the purification process occurs in seven stages. This means that it makes use of one of the best means of water purification to ensure that the purest form of water comes out at the other end of the tank. It also can store up to 8 liters of purified water, and it can purify up to 20 liters of water per hour.


Apart from these features mentioned above, Kent Grand Plus has a way of economizing. This is possible because up to 50% of the water that passes through it is recovered. This is unlike the other ones that can only recover up to 20%. What also makes it stand out is that it does not discard the remaining unpurified water, but stores it up, so it can be used for other purposes.

It has the capacity of purifying water that has a TDS of up to 2000 ppm, and the TDS controller ensures that the essential minerals remain in the purified water after the purification process is complete.

That is not all, Kent Grand Plus also has a unique filter change alert, and UV fails alarm that notifies you when there is a need to change the filter or when the UV is no longer functioning. It is also automated, such that it stops work 60 hours after this alarm has started beeping. This is to ensure that you make the proper change, keeping your water purified at all times.

All these features come from a beautifully transparent design. This design permits you to see all that is going on behind the scene. Perfect for all kinds of water systems like municipal, tap, borehole, and tanker. It has a unique in-built SMPS that can permit it to stay active even in extreme voltage fluctuations. With a one-year warranty that lasts for up to 3 years with free service, Kent Grand Plus deserves to be first on the list.


  • Works with any kind of water system
  • Excellent storage capacity
  • Highly economical with 50% water recovery
  • One year warranty and three years of free service


  • It is quite expensive
  • Corner mounting is not possible

Havells Max RO+UV Water Purifier

If you are living in India, then Havells should not sound strange to you, because they are the leading producers of electronics in India. However, you might have not heard of Havells Max water purifier because it is relatively new, but do not be deceived by the age. Its quality and function supersede quite a lot of other water purifiers.

Its 7-step water purification process is standard, and it even ensures that all the water that passes through it goes through the RO and UV processing, providing a 100% purification process; this is unlike the other water purifiers.


Havells Max is designed to help restore the essential minerals needed in the water and to see to it that hydration is settled before the water is released for use. These two features are made possible because of the unique Mineralz cartridge, Silver-impregnated taste enhancer, and revitalizer cartridge embedded on its features.

Its mounting is also quite outstanding as it is the only water purifier with all these features that allows a corner mounting. This means the product can easily be mounted anywhere from tabletops to the walls and corners of your house.

Havells Max also has an automated fail alarm system that notifies you once something is wrong. It could be the UV purification or low water pressure or even the change in voltage. It is designed to function effectively between 170V-330V, and it shuts down automatically if the voltage exceeds or goes below this range.

The 8-liter capacity water purifier can also purify up to 15 liters of water per hour while its removable tank cover can be cleaned at any time. It is indeed one of the best in its category.


  • Ensures hydration and restoration of essential minerals
  • Purifies all the water through RO and UV
  • Functioning alert system
  • Allows corner mounting


  • It is quite expensive

Aquasure From Aquaguard Delight RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

Here is another water purifier that is the people’s choice in India, and this is due to several reasons. The top of the list, however, is customer satisfaction that is gotten from their customer care service.

Aquasure Delight water purifier is automated, yet allows you to regulate the TDS to your taste, making it easy to use. It also stores up to 7 liters of water after going through multiple purification stages to ensure the purest form of water is stored and produced for drinking.


Aquasure Delight has a unique cartridge system that can filter up to 15,000 liters, which is quite massive and suitable for personal use or a nuclear family. It also Three Led indicators that tell when the power is on when the purification process is complete as well as when the tank is full. The alarm system also functions optimally to inform the user when there is an issue with the UV purifier. It is not as expensive as the other products and should be considered, especially for personal usage.


  • TDS controller allows adjustment to desired taste
  • Beautiful design and easy to install
  • Adequate storage capacity


  • Poor dispensing tap quality
  • The alarm system is not the best

Blue Star Aristo RO+UV Water Purifier

Blue star aristo is another beautifully designed water purifier that deserves to stay on this list due to several reasons. It is one of the few water purifiers that ensures that 100% of the water that passes through it goes through the RO and UV purification stages, which are two of the six purification steps done by the water purifier.


It has a unique Aqua Taste Booster that helps ensure the pH of the water is kept optimum and desirable to taste. Blue Star Aristo has the capability of purifying up to 12 liters of water per hour, and it also stores up to 7 liters of water.

The child lock feature is also unique to it; this is a small button on the purifier, which, when pressed, ensures the deactivation of the purifier.

It also comes in two different designs meaning you can choose from whichever one you want. This purifier is capable of removing up to 96% percent TDS.


  • The taste booster feature helps ensure that the water is good for taste
  • The child lock feature prevents wastage and avoidable damage
  • The double design allows for a choice between the varieties


  • Lack of an alert system that works for filter change

Faber Galaxy Plus RO+UV+UF+MAT Water Purifier

For those who have water that has a TDS level of more than 2000 PPM, then Faber Galaxy plus is the best option for them. This is one of the few water purifiers that has gone the extra mile in ensuring it gives the best to the community. The Filmtech RO membrane, designed in the US, allows it to purify water that has up to 2500 ppm of TDS.


Asides from the features mentioned above, Faber Galaxy also has a unique Mineral Addition Technology that ensures that the lost essential minerals during the RO purification process are restored. This means that it provides the best taste for the purified water.

The Faber Galaxy can store up to 9 liters of water with a fast purification speed of up to 13.5 liters per hour. The water purifier also has an indicator that shows when the power is on or off when there is low pressure and when purification is complete. Suitable for every kind of water system, Faber Galaxy Plus should be strongly considered.


  • Purifies water that has up to 2500 ppm of TDS
  • Ensures the addition of essential minerals because of the MAT feature
  • 12 months warranty with one free extra sedimentation filter


  • Comes in only one color design, hence no option for varieties
  • It is expensive

HUL Pureit Marvella Sleek Mineral RO+UV+MF+MP Water Purifier

Marvella sleek is particularly famous for two things. The first is the beautiful design that stands it out among the pack, and the other is the ultra purification speed that it has.


It is capable of purifying up to 20 liters of water per hour, unlike the other water purifiers. It also ensures that essential elements are maintained in the water, thanks to the mineral cartridge that keeps the water rich in minerals.

Marvella sleek can also store up to 8 liters of water, making it suitable for family use. It has a long filter life of up to 6000 liters, making it suitable good for people who get to purify water often, especially those who have a large family.


  • It has a fast 7-stage purification process of up to 20 liters per hour
  • It restores natural minerals in the water, hence ensuring good taste
  • It has a filter change alert system


  • Quite expensive to purchase and maintain


Everyone living in India indeed needs to get a water purifier, but before going ahead to purchase one, there are things you need to know and look out for. That is why you should go through a guide like the one below. It will keep you better informed and prepared.

Total Dissolved Solids Present In Your Water

There are varying TDS depending on your location, some might be as low as 1500 PPM, and others as high as 2500 PPM. The kind of water system you use also determines this. There is no specificity on any type of water, so you need to make your findings before going ahead to purchase the water purifier. It will be unwise to buy one that can remove only up to 2000 ppm of TDS when the amount in your area is much higher.

The capacity of the Water Purifier

Storage capacity also matters when considering the kind of water purifier to buy. This is dependent on the total population of people who want to use it. For those who live alone, you might get one as low as 5 or 6 liters, but for one big family, it is better to go for one with bigger storage capacity, so that water will almost always be available for the water lovers.

Purification System and Step

This is another essential feature of the water purifier that everyone must bear in mind before going ahead to buy one. Every brand of purifier uses different purification steps in a bid to make it stand out. For some, it is the reverse osmosis without ultraviolet radiation. This method will only ensure that unwanted minerals are removed, while microorganisms in the bacteria are left behind in the water.

So, if you know that your water system might harbor some bacteria, then make sure to choose the purifier brand that permits both forms of purification. There are also other steps, such as the re-mineralization feature, which you need to consider if you want to replenish diminishing minerals in the water using the automatic or manual feature.

Mounting Style

Some water purifiers, as pointed out above, can be mounted in a corner; this means it can be installed anywhere within the home. Some others, however, cannot be mounted just anywhere. These purifiers are usually more expensive to buy and maintain. This implies that you have to factor in the location and design of your house when shopping for a water purifier.


You have no excuse for not getting the perfect water purifier for your home and work environment. Every specification and model of great water purifiers have been specified above; therefore, you have multiple choices alongside the pros and cons to choose from. For those who do not mind the cost, you can go ahead to buy the expensive ones, and for others who are wanting to be economical, you can purchase the low-cost ones, with good qualities and features. Prevention of water-borne disease is vital, so make sure you cop one water purifier today!

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