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My Travel To Shimla Post Lockdown

The pandemic hit everyone hard. The loneliness ate everyone from inside, especially the hardcore travellers who always have the travelling bug. Fortunately, the bad days over and everything seems to be in control. With the travelling restrictions lifted post lockdown, the tourism industry is slowly restoring itself. If you are the one willing to travel freely even during this pandemic time, then you are in the right place.

Last week, we had a short trip to Shimla post lockdown. It was our first trip since March, as on 24th March, we had a preventive lockdown in place. Well, the entirety of the lockdown was not of any use. But now as the restrictions lifted, we planned the travel to Shimla and execute the plan successfully. If you are willing to travel to Shimla in recent days, then the information will be useful for all of you.

shimla tour

Travelling to Shimla Post Lockdown

Shimla is open for all the tourists. But for the safety regulations, the people entering through the Air and Private vehicles have to get the COVID test. If you are negative, then you are allowed to enter the state. Otherwise, it’s not possible. So we are assuming you are COVID Negative and also carrying the test results with you to avoid any issues.


We planned this trip with our three friends. The main transportation to Shimla was by Air. We deported the Hyderabad by GoAir plane and landed safely in Chandigarh, which is the nearest airport to Shimla. After that, we booked a cab which dropped all of us in Shimla within a few hours. With the comfort of flight and cab, it was a fun ride to Shimla. You can also book the seats in Government-run Bus services or even the Private Volvo travels. They are comfortable and available at cheaper prices.

Shimla is a tourist place and there is no shortage of accommodation. From the five star hotels, Resorts to the Luxury Homestays, everything is available even in the Rush season. Due to the COVID lockdown, everything is available for cheap pricing and some hotels are offering huge discounts. We decided to get a private Airbnb, which is convenient for us.


If you are coming with your vehicle, then make sure to get the hotels in the outskirts of Shimla. As the city is packed with tourists and has the narrow lanes somewhere, parking will be an issue. Most of the hotels in the city centre don’t offer the parking space and it’d be hectic for you to find the parking spot in cramped places.


Shimla is a pretty place in the hilly region. It’s the best place to visit in summer, as you can escape from the heat of Indian summers. When you come to the Shimla, the first attraction in the mall road. The Mall Road is the central attraction in the city, which has a lot of shopping centres, eateries, restaurants and many other places to do your shopping. Then, you can take the toy train ride. The Toy Train, which runs on the Narrow Gauge railroad and will take you through the scenic views of the city and outskirts. You can take the Toy Train pass from the Local railway station and ride in the same to enjoy the scenery.

Apple farming is the major business for farmers. The apples from Shimla are supplied all over India. Well, if you are interested in seeing the Apple farms, then you can do the farm visits. There are many farms, which allow tourists at affordable prices. So, it won’t be an issue for you to get the pass for a short trip to know more about the Apples and taste the same.

If you love solo travelling, then you can take a stroll in the city. Just put your Wireless Bluetooth headphones and start your playlist. By this way, you can roam the entire city on foot and enjoy the core attractions of the city just like any other tourist.

Travelling Essentials

The travelling essentials are the things, that you should take with you. We packed a lot of things, and most of them came handy for us. Here is the list of the few things that you should not ignore.

  1. Government Issued Identity Card
  2. Normal Clothes
  3. Woollen Clothes
  4. Snow Protective Shoes
  5. Sunscreen Lotion
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Umbrellas or the Raincoats
  8. Bluetooth Wireless headphones
  9. Wallet
  10. Credit and Debit Cards

Final Words

Even though we planned not to behave or roam like the tourists, we did the same. Shimla is a touristy place and not that suitable for backpack travellers. As everything is expensive for the backpackers, it’s best for those who have a good budget to spend. Most of the tourists in Shimla are either newly married couples or families. So, you should come here with the excess budget for the optimal experience.

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