Gripping Techniques in Badminton

Badminton is a game where you are supposed to master in all tactics and techniques to win the game. Gripping techniques play an essential role in the game. These techniques are the different ways of holding a racket to hit the perfect shot in the matches. A good grip is necessary for a good game, as it can help reduce injuries, increase the range of shots, and produce more efficient shots.

With grip techniques grip quality also matters, the better and thicker the grip, the better will be your grip technique. At market places, there is a wide variety of grips available, and you should prefer one according to your comfort level.

There are many factors which can affect your good gripping like –

1. Grip size – For a G5 grip user, it is difficult to use a G2 grip racket. Therefore one should avoid making grip size changes to avoid an uncomfortable situation with best badminton under 5000 and better gameplay experience.

2. Racket weight – An ideal racket weighs between 80 grams to 100 grams. If you are a beginner, you should prefer lightweight badminton, as they can be handled easily and would not create much trouble for you. Also, it can help you to avoid shoulder injuries and muscle pain.

3. Racket Length – As like grip size and weight, racket length also varies. An ideal racket length lies between 665mm to 675 mm, and should not exceed 680mm. A longer racket can give you extra power compared to a shorter one, however it can even hurt you more at times of injuries.

4. String Tension – It is one of the most important aspects to be taken into consideration. High string tension is not advisable to the beginner and intermediate players as it can lead to shoulder injuries and muscle strain if not appropriately handled by the user.

5. Balance – rackets are often judged based on a balancing point, which implies that where the center of mass or balancing point of rocket mainly falls, it depicts its quality. There are three types of balancing categories – Firstly, Even Balance, when the center of mass lies at the exact center. Secondly, Headlight balance, when the racket falls a bit on the head side when holding from the center point. Last, Head – substantial equivalence, when rackets center of mass is hard to find or undetectable.

It was the basics one should be aware of before knowing about the main gripping techniques.

Now, we will know about some significant and principal gripping techniques used in badminton-

1. Forehand Grip

It is one of the most common gripping techniques and usually used for overhead shots. Here your index finger handles the control, which implies that your index finger pushes the racket to hit the ball. At the same time, your thumb rests comfortably near the broader surface of a badminton grip.

2. Backhand Grip

This technique is used to hit a backhand shot. The key to performing this shot depends upon the way you hold the racket. Here your thumb plays the critical role, which implies that you apply force on racket grip using your thumb. At the same time, your index finger rests comfortably on the hold.

3. Hammer Grip

This grip is useful when you want to execute a jumping smash. It only starts with a standard forehand grip, which transforms into a hammer grip ( as its name implies that you hold the racket like a hammer) while you are swinging your arm and then the shot with the maximum force to create an incredible smash like Thor.

4. Pan Hold Grip

Yes, you read it right; we are not telling you about cooking related stuff. Hence as its name suggests, that you hold your racket like a pan. It is used when shuttlecock returns very close to the net. To prevent it from fall, players often use this grip technique to bring shuttle in-game again. Here you use your whole hand: thumbs, fingers, and palm to tap on the shuttle to raise it.

If you are a beginner, then it can be difficult for you to change your grip according to the shot you receive, but it is a fact that practice makes a man perfect. Hence, you will improve with time, and as like pro players, you will be able to switch grips quickly.

The better you are with grip techniques, the higher the chances of game-winning, as your actions and responses to different shots will be faster and better, and hence these basic gripping techniques can help you earn points in the game.

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