Virgin Snatch was formed in 2001 as an alternative to permanently rehearsing but yet legendary in Kraków band named Death Sea. Why? The basis of mentioned were guitarist Grysik (Grzegorz Bryła) and vocalist Zielony (Łukasz 'Zielony' Zieliński) and both of them joined Virgin Snatch.

Through band’s line-up passed many acknowledged musicians, e.g. Paweł Mąciwoda, known from Walk Away and thousands of other projects in Poland and abroad, who currently is a member of The Scorpions!

In June 2002 Virgin Snatch recorded couple of demo pieces, but the line-up solidified on the beginning of 2003. Titus (Acid Drinkers) became bassist, Grysik (Death Sea, Anal Stench) operated guitar, Zielony (Death Sea, Anal Stench) did the vocal jobs, and drums was Jacko’s role, who was one of band’s founders.

In such line-up Virgin Snatch started works on stuff, which finally was released on 6th December 2003. Album recorded at Lynx Studio in Kraków was full of guests, i.e. Jacek Hiro (Sceptic), Yanuary (Thy Disease) and Jaro.Slav (Lux Occulta). The music was a modern thrash metal. Stage debut of the band was in Wisla’s Hall in Kraków, where the band supported Rage and Helloween.

In 2004 Jacek Hiro became band’s full-member. In such line-up Virgin Snatch performed numerous gigs, e.g. in Proxima Club, Warszawa, where supported Anthrax.

A proof that VS is a true-born metal band is its second release - "Art Of Lying". The album is much more brutal than the first one and contains lots of thrash/death riffs, multitude of solos and growlings. All was recorded in Hertz Studio of Wiesławscy Bros [Vader, Trauma] and presents very heavy and juicy sound. “Art Of Lying” is an obligatory position for fans of american school of thrash, like Testament, Exodus or Overkill. As the band says, this album is its real debut, which describes its own style. Released exclusively as digipack, with very good reviews and a tour being prepared for autumn promises a good future for Virgin Snatch...

The year of 2006 comes with a tour beside Behemoth (together with Hermh and Corruption) finished as a big success with full halls on gigs. Warm welcomed band just confirmed its commitment to building the metal scene and uderground. Moments later gorgeous (OWING TO YOU – MANIACS!!!) gig on Przystanek Woodstock 2006 for several tens of thousands of audience and on Hunter Fest 2006 in Szczytno. Let this go on... And finally new album titled significantly "In The Name Of Blood" (20th Nov 2006). This longplay is very important to us but primarily it's targetet to you because together only we can make the metal scene lasts. The top and the bottom, the stage and the floor, the band and the audience...!

"In The Name Of Blood is excellently welcomed and gives to band new energy. After that band records professional clip to "Purge My Stain", which promotes Virgin Snatch and new album on MTV, 4 Fun TV and the biggest sited in Poland. Director of that clip is Bogumil Godfrejow, many times rewarded in Poland and in other countries operator, who got nomination to Oscar in 2002... Band plays many concerts. For example: Mystic Tour - 30-day tour with Hunter, Frontside and Rootwater (fuckin’ great!), in Czech Republic Interiff Festival and famous Masters Of Rock 2007 (there were also Motorhead and Sepultura) and gig in Katowice’s Spodek. There Virgin Snatch supports Behemoth, Celtic Frost and great Slayer!!! We’re also on another edition of Hunter Fest, where we shared the stage with Acid Drinkers, Behemoth, Samael, Sepultura...

Winter of 2007 comes with Metalfilia 2007 - the first tour with VS as a headliner! Ten gigs in the biggest cities of Poland in international company: THY DISEASE (co-headliner, Pol), RASTA (Belarus), MAHAVATAR (USA), METAL SAFARI (Japan), NONE (Pol), JLS (Spain). Beginning of 2008 is 7th Jan and Stodoła Club in Warsaw. Charity gig and kind of the best of polish metal (VADER, BEHEMOTH, FRONTSIDE, VIRGIN SNATCH) dedicated to Vitkek (drummer of Decapitated who passed away in car accident) R.I.P...

In the same time VS starts working on new album - 'Act Of Grace'. The band once again has to change line-up - bassist Anioł has to leave band due to personal reasons and is replaced by Novy (ex-Behemoth, ex-Vader). In this line-up VS records their fourth longplay. As always the band has a ballad on album - this one's called 'It's Time'. This special song is dedicated to Vitek Kiełtyka (R.I.P.) - drummer of Decapitated. Impressive solo in the song played his brother - Wacek Kiełtyka, who's known in metal world as Vogg. 'Act Of Grace' gets only positive reviews in Poland and world. Virgin Snatch starts live assault promoting new cd. Virgin Snatch tours whole Poland on 'Act Of Grace Tour' and gives many shows with the biggest bands in country (TSA, Acid Drinkers, Behemoth, Vader, KAT, Hunter, Hate, Frontside and much more). VS is also headlining one of the oldest metal festivals in Poland called 'Sthrashydło'. In the beginning of 2010 the band also headlines winter tour called 'Creative Act Of Music Tour 2010' where also were Thy Disease and Armagedon. All bands were showing pure destruction on many stages in Poland...

At the end of 2010 VS takes part in "Beware Of Your Neck Tour 2010" which ran through Poland and east. VIRGIN SNATCH with Sadist & Crionics played many shows in: Moldova, Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Czech Republic & Slovakia...

to be continued


Actual Virgin Snatch line-up:
Zielony - vocals (Anal Stench, Death Sea)
Grysik - guitars (Anal Stench, Death Sea)
Hiro - guitars (Sceptic, ex-Decapitated)
Anioł - bass (Corruption)
Jacko - drums